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Best UK Asian Dating Sites and Apps Reviews (2023)

Online dating gives minorities the opportunity to choose from a large, diverse pool of people. If you’re Asian, for example, you might want to date someone who has the same cultural background as you do. If you live in a small community, that might not be the easiest thing to do. That’s where the internet and online dating come in real handy.

We’ve cherry-picked the best UK”s best Asian dating sites so you don’t have to spend your precious time scouring the internet for your next crush. Each of these sites will aid you in your pursuit of finding the perfect match.

2023 top picks for the best Asian dating sites & apps in the UK

#1 eHarmony

eHarmony Asian Dating

You know about eHarmony because they are literally everywhere. As one of the leading dating sites in the world, it’s the perfect place to find UK single Asian men and women for a lasting relationship.

What makes eHarmony different is that they have a Relationship Questionnaire that matches people based on 18 dimensions. Those dimensions include compatibility, shared values, and beliefs. You’ll also be surprised to learn that eHarmony focuses on things such as spirituality, ambitions, and communication styles.
The main thing about eHarmony is that they don’t just want to find you a match, this site wants you to find someone you can live happily ever after with. Yes, eHarmony can also match you up with Asian singles if you are looking for Asian dating in London, Liverpool, or Edinburgh. You can be specific in that regard, or you can leave it up to the fate of the algorithm. Either way, eHarmony will suggest matches that have the highest likelihood of producing long-term love.

Join eHarmony today to find someone who shares the same outlook on life!

#2 EliteSingles

Elite Singles Asian Dating

If you’ve been in the online dating world for any time, you’ve heard about EliteSingles. However, you might not know that EliteSingles has a special part of their site just for Asians in the UK.

What makes EliteSingles so unique? First off, they have a high success rate. Thousands of singles find love using their platform every month. EliteSingles prides itself on having a wide range of professionals aged 30-55. If you fall into this age group, you’re going to be right at home there. Another nice thing is they clean up their profiles and get rid of inactive accounts. Have you ever messaged people on other sites, never to hear back from them? The culprit is usually inactive accounts, and EliteSingles works hard to get rid of those.

EliteSingles also has a questionnaire that you can fill out. They will use the information that you provide to match you up with the best possible singles. Join this dating site and search for Indian or Pakistani singles today.

#3 AsianDating


AsianDating is one of the largest Asian dating sites & apps in the niche, it has over 4.5 million members. The site has a staggering membership of people from the USA, UK, Thailand, China, Japan, and many more Asian countries. You can trust AsianDating because it’s backed by Cupid Media.

It will take you just a few minutes to set up your own profile. You’ll need to pay to get the most out of the site. They have advanced messaging features for paying members, which comes in pretty handy when you find someone that you want to talk to. However, if you’re just curious, you can look under the hood for free.

The site has been around for over 10 years, and they have plenty of experience hooking up Asian people from all corners of the globe. AsianDating works hard to not only connect people searching for love, but they do a surprising job at making sure the entire process is enjoyable. This dating site focuses on connecting Asians with each other. If you’re the type who wants to date an Asian specifically, then AsianDating is for you.

#4 AsianSingleSolution

Asian Single Solution

AsianSingleSolution is often lauded as a promising matchmaker due to its focus on the Asian market. If you’re in the UK, you’ve probably heard of AsianSingleSolution. If not, you’re in for a fantastic surprise. AsianSingleSolution is one of those sites that has gone out of its way to being as easy to use as it is effective.

What separates AsianSingleSolution from other Asian dating sites is a UK-based dating and events website. They’ve built their site from the ground up for people to find their matches quickly. They cut back on the level of clutter and unnecessary steps to give you the cleanest, best experience possible.

The dating site has a fairly large pool of people from the UK to choose from. You’ll definitely find someone who matches your interests here. Something else that makes AsianSingleSolution stand out is its fantastic customer service. If you ever have any need for help, don’t hesitate to reach out to them. The customer support at AsianSingleSolution is known for being some of the best in the industry.

#5 ThaiFriendly

Thai Friendly

ThaiFriendly is an excellent site for those who are Thai or if you’re the type who is attracted to Thai people. The site has about 1.3 million members, and roughly 1,000 new Thai personals join every day.

The entire process from start to finish when setting up your profile at ThaiFriendly takes four minutes or less. Their questionnaire isn’t as in-depth as others, so you’ll need to fish around more for a date at ThaiFriendly than you would at other sites. A great thing about ThaiFriendly is that you don’t need to speak English to use the site. Many people at the site only speak Thai. So, if you’re in the UK and you want to date someone that speaks your native langue, ThaiFriendly is a good place to find that special someone.

The site seems to focus mainly on women, so if you’re a guy, that’s even better news. You’ll find plenty of Thai women who are single and looking for someone to fill their days with joy.

#6 MingleGuru

Mingle Guru

Mingle Guru is a UK site for all of you who are of Hindu or Sikh background. It’s an Asian dating site that focuses only on those two groups of Asians. What makes Mingle Guru stand out so much is its localized approach to online dating.

Mingle Guru has a small user base, but the good news is all of the people are in the UK. You’re not joining a dating site that is full of people from anywhere but the UK. Since it’s such a close-knit community, it feels like you’re being a part of something that’s bigger than yourself.

If you’re Hindu or Sikh, you know how difficult it is to find similar people to date. All of that changes once you get connected with Mingle Guru. The UK has become a much smaller place, and now you have a pool of people you can choose from that are just like you.

It’s not a massive online dating site, however, you’ll find the community of people here to be very warm and wanting to explore the Asian dating scene.

#7 Dil Mil

Dil Mil

Dil Mil prides itself on providing an authentic platform for South Asian dating. It has a huge user base of over 2 million people. Dil Mil is worldwide, and they have members in every country you can think of. So, while those numbers are staggering, just keep in mind that not all of them are from the UK.

The Dil Mil app is very familiar to anyone who has ever used a dating app before. You can swipe and like profiles. If the person likes you, too, then an opportunity for conversation arises. Dil Mil allows users to use some of their features for free, but to get the most out of the app, you will have to part ways with some of your money.

You can rest assured that if you join Dil Mil, you’re not joining some fly-by-night site. It’s a real dating app that connects Asians all over the world, including the UK. You’ll find an amazing community at Dil Mil that includes 24/7 Community Chat. Dil Mil also tries its best to keep up with the modern world by having gender rooms. That way, you can feel comfortable on the dating site no matter what gender you identify as.

#8 Cherry Blossoms Dating

Cherry Blossoms Dating

Cherry Blossoms Dating is a well-known brand that has been around since 1974. It’s a dating site that connects Filipino and Asian women for meaningful relationships. With nearly 50 years in business, it has successfully helped over a quarter of a million couples find their right match.

You will notice right away that Blossoms is fairly simplistic and has an almost outdated feel to it. Don’t let that fool you, sure, it could use an upgrade, but the site still delivers. The great people over at Blossoms are still actively running the site and trying their best to get women from Asian countries to join.

You do want to be careful at Blossoms because of the distance, language barrier, and other things associated with dating someone who is so far away. If you keep your guard up and do your due diligence, finding love here is definitely possible.

#9 AsianDate


AsianDate has been online for over 15 years, and that means they’re doing something right to be in business for so long. The reason for their longevity is that they connect Asian people and those who want to date Asian people. The secret to their success isn’t complicated, but it isn’t something many sites can pull off.

Users seem to have no problems hooking up and going out on dates. AsianDate is different than most sites because it encourages a certain amount of mingling. The matching system at AsianDate isn’t as robust as some other sites, so you’ll have to spend more time at the site to find the perfect date.

The main thing that you’ll discover is that AsianDate is loaded with beautiful Asian women. So, if that’s what you’re into, AsianDate is a must-visit dating site. Look no further for the safest dating with verified singles.

#10 AsianD8


AsianD8 is one of the leading British Asian dating sites. At AsianD8, you can connect with men and women whose heritage is from many different Asian countries.

AsianD8 is famous for its minimalist design. Don’t let the looks fool you, underneath the hood is a comprehensive engine that works hard to match you with the perfect person. The free account at AsianD8 is limited, but if you’re really serious about finding someone to connect with, you’ll gladly pay the fee. After all, it’s well worth it if you find the happiness you’re searching for.

AsianD8 hosts local UK events, you get to meet singles in your area and mingle with them. If you’re the type of person who prefers to talk face-to-face, AsianD8 has you covered. It’s a nice feature because you can walk through the room and get a feel for people that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to online.

Asian Dating Guide:

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing an Asian Dating Site

You’ve made the decision that you’re going to try an Asian dating site. Now you’re wondering what factors you should consider when choosing a site.

The size of the membership base is vital

It’s understandable that since you’re looking for Asian singles in the UK, the membership database might be smaller than people looking for a more broad dating experience. You want to join a site that is actively advertising its services so that they have a constant stream of new people joining. New joins will replace the people who find long-term relationships and keep the pool of people fresh, so you have a higher likelihood of success.

You’ll want to keep a keen eye on features

What features should you be looking for? The most important feature is some sort of quiz or questionnaire that the dating site uses to gain information about you to match with other people. You also want to join a site that uses some security measures, like making sure people are who they claim they are.

Other nice features include mobile apps, local meet-ups, and a built-in messaging service. It’s nice to be able to directly send a message to someone without jumping through hoops and giving out your personal information to a stranger.

Pricing is important, but not as much as you think

You know what they say about getting what you pay for, and it’s true with dating sites. If you join a free dating site, you won’t have a great experience. Free dating sites usually have no way of sending messages to your matches.

The other end of the spectrum is the dating sites charging way too much for their services. Unless you’re joining a site with some pretty exclusive perks, overpaying should raise many red flags as a free site does.

Most dating sites charge between $30 to $40 per month. So you should expect to pay that much. It sounds like a lot of money initially, but if you consider the value of the dating site, you’re getting a really good deal.

Safety is about more than just protecting your personal information

Yes, the dating site must have plenty of safety features so that users can confidently use its dating service. However, what we’re talking about here is much broader than that. We alluded earlier that safety is a big concern when you’re dealing with strangers, and it is.

The dating site you use should go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to protecting you. That means you don’t have to give out any personal information on your profile, and it also means they have a staff on hand that you can reach out to if you’re in a situation where your personal safety is in jeopardy.

Tips for Using Asian Dating Sites Effectively

An Asian dating site is like any other tool, you get what you put into it. If you know how to use an Asian dating site, you’ll have great success. However, if you’re the type who thinks you can click or tap a couple of times and get immediate success, you’ve got a lot to learn about online dating.

So, with all that said, let’s take a deep dive into how you can properly use an Asian dating site to get the most out of it.

Create a winning profile

What is a winning profile? It starts with your picture. You don’t need to have a professional photographer take your picture. You can use a selfie made from your smartphone as your profile picture. Make sure that the picture is well-lit and your face is clearly visible.

Your profile also needs to be accurate and honest. Don’t lie and say you’re a doctor if you’re a janitor. Starting the relationship with a lie is never the right thing to do. If there’s something that you feel uncomfortable talking about, don’t mention it. That’s the best option since any lies you say can come back to bite you later.

Communicate effectively with potential matches

You want to avoid using too many abbreviations or emojis. Don’t respond to profiles or messages like you’re a teenage girl in a constant hurry. You also don’t want to be too wordy or give out unnecessary information. Keep your messages and replies short and sweet. No one wants to read a novel when talking to someone at a dating site.

Be clear about your intentions

Are you looking for casual dates with Asian women? If so, be honest about it. Say in your profile that you’re not looking for a long-term relationship. Maybe you’re a college student who doesn’t want to be weighed down by a long-term relationship at the moment. If you’re honest with people, you’ll have a better chance of getting what you want.

It’s also a good idea, to be honest if you want to be in a long-term relationship. Many women will join dating sites thinking that if they don’t mention that they’re looking for a long-term relationship, somehow they can convince a guy to settle down. If you’re trying to find someone for a long-term relationship or possible marriage, state it in your profile and get on with it. You’ll have far better success being clear about your intentions than if you hold them back.

Be open-minded

The dating process requires you to be somewhat open-minded. No one is saying that you have to ditch your principals. However, you do need to realize that people have different life experiences, and sometimes they can seem a little foreign.

Don’t be afraid to date outside your spectrum if the person seems appealing. Maybe you’re the type who likes tall thin Asian ladies, and a shorter, slightly pudgy one comes along your way that seems like a good match. Send her a message and see what happens, who knows, you might strike up a lifelong relationship that turns out to be fulfilling.

Be respectful

Always be respectful regardless of the situation. You might think someone disrespected you by not replying to your message in a timely manner, but it’s no excuse for treating them poorly. You want to address every person in a respectful way, even if they don’t seem to be your type.

First impressions matter, and if you’re messaging a lady, you want to be overly respectful so she doesn’t think you’re a scum bag. Use kind language that doesn’t leave anything to the imagination when it comes to what your intentions are. Sometimes people can come off as something they’re not if the wording of their messages is anything other than respectful.

Dos and Donts of Dating an Asain Women/Men

The Dos

  • Show genuine interest in their culture and language.
  • Be respectful and mindful of cultural differences and traditions.
  • Be patient and understanding with communication barriers.
  • Make an effort to build a strong emotional connection before physical intimacy.
  • Show appreciation and respect for their family and friends.
  • Be open-minded and willing to learn about their background and values.
  • Communicate openly and honestly about your intentions and expectations.

The Don’ts:

  • Make assumptions based on stereotypes or preconceived notions.
  • Disrespect or disregard their culture, customs, or beliefs.
  • Pressure or rush physical intimacy before building a strong emotional connection.
  • Disrespect or dismiss their boundaries or personal preferences.
  • Be overly aggressive or pushy in pursuing a relationship.
  • Ignore or belittle their family or friends.
  • Be dishonest or insincere about your intentions or feelings.
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