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OurTime Review – The Best Senior Dating Site in the UK

OurTime.co.uk is a dating website that targets like-minded over 50 singles. Despite being somewhat new in the world of online dating, it has already made its mark in helping men and women in their golden years find serious and long-lasting relationships.

Under the operation of Match.com, OurTime.co.uk works in almost the same way. The site is popular among the crowd of over 50 singles, especially because of its easy layout and numerous helpful search features. But is OurTime.co.uk really as good as it claims to be?

Sign Up Process

The signup process for OurTime.co.uk is intentionally made to be a cost-free, intuitive, and quick process. Using either the official website or mobile application, new users will have to enter their first name, date of birth, sexual orientation, and gender.

After you are done with this step, you will be asked to elaborate more about yourself and the things you are searching for in an ideal match. These can be as simple as weight, height, and age. It can also expand further into passions and interests.

Once you are done with everything, the last step is for you to upload your profile photo, which is something that you might need more attention and time on your part. Remember that it will be right in front of all your prospect matches.

OurTime.co.uk also lets you add the current city where you live. It is specifically important for the platform because they will not just match you with other local singles. At the same time, the site also holds local events where its premium users are encouraged to get to know each other better in person. It is this feature that sets OurTime.co.uk apart from other similar online services as it bridges the gap between digital dating and the real world. This entire process should only take around 10 minutes of your time if you are only trying to get going. However, there are also other profile options that you might want to spend more time on to present yourself better.

Membership Base

Although it is free to create your account and profile on OurTime.co.uk, many of the core features of the site that focus on the matchmaking process require a monthly subscription. But the moment you sign up for a premium account on the site, you can look forward to unlocking numerous features.

Some good examples of these features include reading and sending messages, which is a must for online viewing, seeing who has visited your profile although the incognito mode lets users view profiles discreetly, viewing the profiles of other people, and getting access to all the events that the service hosts in the real world.

OurTime.co.uk caters to a user base of men and women who are over 50 years old. It is ensured through the process of profile verification that will not just secure your information but will also ensure that the people you interact with online are genuine in their eligibility and who they really are as they claim to be.

While the user base of OurTime.co.uk is somewhat curated, the membership in its Meetic Group gives you a chance to expand your profile to other matchmaking services as well. It is actually one of the site’s unique features, a cross integration to the dating service ecosystem of the Meetic Group.

With its eight different services for matchmaking that covers 13 languages and 15 countries in Europe, users of the time will get access to a very massive pool of potential matches and fellow singles. Of course, it is completely optional for the users of OurTime.co.uk, though. If they feel at ease being in the comfortable environment of the site, there is simply no pressure to expand to the rest of the services.

Although the Meetic Group doesn’t offer specific statistics for OurTime.co.uk, they advertise this as the origin of over 6 million couples. With its extensive presence not only in the UK but also in entire Europe, the dating service takes great pride in moderating 20 million photos and 15.5 million profiles annually. Their mobile app also averages around 250,000 downloads a month. With such numbers, OurTime.co.uk has really proven that the sea is filled with fish, swimming there and waiting for you.


  • £39.99 for 1 month
  • £74.97 for 3 months at £24.99 a month
  • £119.94 for 6 months at £19.99 a month


OurTime.co.uk provides different ways to get matches. Daily Matches is the easiest and fastest way to meet singles. These consist of 10 profiles that the personality matching algorithm of the platform chooses according to the potential compatibility that was based on the information on the member’s profile.

Users are also allowed to take the initiative and get access to an in-depth search function. It offers an extensive array of criteria to choose from, allowing you to customize your search based on your personal idea of perfect compatibility. Also, if you prefer some randomness in your option, the site also provides the feature called Gallery. It is a service similar to Tinder where profiles are presented one by one so you can choose either yes or no for a prospective match.

Probably the most unique method of matching through OurTime.co.uk as well as the Meetic Group isn’t necessarily through the apps, at least not directly. As stated earlier, Meetic holds in-person events regularly where users can meet other local singles so they can mingle in a more traditional way. It offers a great chance to find and meet someone new in a familiar and comfortable situation. Meetic is in charge of planning and presenting the events so you don’t need to stress about planning your first date at all.

The Bottom Line

In today’s digital world which feels like only younger singles are allowed to date, OurTime.co.uk succeeds at reaching its goal of providing topnotch matchmaking services to all over 50 singles in the UK. As the Meetic Group’s integral group, users of OurTime.co.uk get access to a variety of dating features and services.

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