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Are you an excellent writer looking to expand into the world of dating sites, dating and relationship advice? We are looking for dating experts with a knack for the written word who are interested in creating content for our website. We would love to pay you for your writing talent and dating expertise! The content we’re seeking should be original, engaging and tailored towards the dating niche.

Still interested? Take a look at our writing guidelines in order to understand what we need from you in order to approve your contribution. We’d love to hear from you!

Writing Guidelines

Please note that all content submitted for our website must abide by our writing guidelines. ALL content that you submit must fit these guidelines in order for your content to be approved. Submitted content may or may not be posted based on our discretion.

The guidelines we have for our content are as follows.

The topic must be related to dating advice, relationship advice or dating sites

That’s what we’re here for, after all! Please make sure that your content fits within this niche. We’re looking for a wide variety of topics, just please make sure that they’re related to dating or relationships.

Content must be original, without being published anywhere else

Original content only, please. We can only accept content that has not been previously published, so only send us original articles that you haven’t posted, submitted or otherwise published somewhere else.

No sponsored content

We don’t accept sponsored content. Please do not submit articles or other written content that is sponsored by any company, organization or advertiser.

Content can’t be updated once you submitted

This is a big one! Once you submit your article to us, that’s what we’re going to look at; you won’t be able to edit or update your content once you’ve submitted it to us. We recommend reading over your content a few times before you send it in, in order to make sure that you’re completely satisfied with your writing.

Articles that contain statistic(s) and studies more likely to be posted

We’re looking for a wide range of articles related to the dating niche, but we love articles that reference specific studies and statistics! Readers love content that is backed up by supporting evidence and specific facts, and we want to deliver what readers want.

This doesn’t mean your article needs to be stuffed with references, but supporting your points with studies, statistics and other referenced facts will make your article more appealing to us.

We may edit your article before posting

We reserve the right to edit your article before we post it. Editing can include, but is not limited to, minor edits, adding text, rearranging text or any other edits that we think are suitable before posting your final content.

Word count

Submissions should be at least 1,000 words or more. A shorter article may be accepted if you think it is well-written and really helpful for readers.

How to submit your article?

To submit your article to us, please send a Word document as an email attachment to [email protected], or share a Google Doc link with us. Please also include a copyrighted image in your article.

Sound good? Then start writing and submit your content to us today! Just remember to follow your writing guidelines in order to boost the likelihood that we’ll post your articles after you submit them.

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