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Best HIV Dating Sites and Apps Reviews (2023)

Are you living with the HIV virus and looking for a partner who understands your condition? HIV dating sites specifically cater to individuals with HIV, eliminating the fear of rejection that may arise when disclosing your status on conventional dating sites. Members understand the challenges and support each other without stigma. You will meet people from various professions, backgrounds, and cultures, establishing meaningful relationships and friendships based on mutual respect and understanding.

2023 top picks for the best HIV dating sites & apps in the UK

#1 PositiveSingles


PositiveSingles is the world’s largest dating and support community for those who are HIV-positive. This STD dating site has been around since 2001, with over 2.3 million registered users and 60,000+ success stories. PositiveSingles is an active group of people seeking out relationships while continuing to live their lives even after testing positive.

PositiveSingles offers a wide range of unique dating features to help users find compatible matches. These include Spark, Online Chatroom, Live Dating Advisor, and more. Additionally, it has a user-friendly mobile version and easy-to-use iOS & Android apps. A nice thing about PositiveSingles is that a profile picture isn’t mandatory. You can use the dating site and be honest about your condition without putting your face out there. Sure, people will expect to see you before going out on a date, but that can be done in private. This is a big plus if you’re not so open about your medical condition.

Not all of the people there have HIV, but many do. You’ll find a warm, welcoming community full of people who aren’t letting their condition get in their way of finding love. If you’re bored and want to hang out, then someone will be available to chat with you, it has over 85,000 daily conversations. It’s fun to unwind from a busy day and let your hair down. Join and meet other HIV-positive singles in the UK today!

#2 MeetPositives


MeetPositives was launched all the way back in 2014. It is a great online dating site for not only people with HIV but other STDs as well. You can rest assured that the site offers 100 anonymity and security.

MeetPositives utilizes an algorithm, unlike other dating sites. This site tries its best to not only match you with someone who shares the same interests but also ensure that predictive factors contribute to long-lasting relationships. Dating sites with this feature are nice because they help you cut through the clutter. Not everyone has all day to sit around searching for dates, and the brain behind MeetPositives makes the entire process of finding your dream date a cinch.

Registration and most features on MeetPositives are free to use, but users need to upgrade to access all functionalities, including sending messages and checking who has viewed their profile. Although the website does not have a sufficient number of active users yet and many features are similar to PositiveSingles, it remains a worthwhile STD & HIV dating site to give a try.

#3 HIVDatingCompany


HIVDatingCompany is dedicated to serving those in the UK with AIDS/HIV, and associated conditions. No members of the site are located outside of the UK. That’s good news if you’re sick and tired of joining dating sites that are filled with people from all over the globe.

HIVDatingCompany encourages people to create profiles that reflect their personalities. They believe that if you can be your true self, the likelihood of you finding happiness is much higher. The goal is to help HIV singles foster deep connections and even build casual friendships if that’s what you’re after.

There’s nothing to worry about when you join HIVDatingCompany because they go above and beyond the call of duty to protect your privacy. You don’t want the entire world to know your business, no one understands that better than HIVDatingCompany.

Despite HIVDatingCompany has a limited number of features, HIV-positive singles located in the UK should look into this HIV dating site since it’s hyper-local. You’ll have plenty of potential dates to choose from!

#4 HIVMatch


HIVMatch was founded in 2006, it is dedicated to fostering friendships and relationships for people with HIV/AIDS only all over the UK. This site is committed to offering a stigma-free environment for connecting with others and getting support. We all know that having HIV isn’t a cakewalk, HIVMatch is all about people helping others overcome one of life’s biggest obstacles.

You’ll find that the user interface at HIVMatch is very easy to use. The chatrooms are vibrant and encourage open dialogue. The members at HIVMatch aren’t only looking for love, but they’re also people from your community who want to share their life experiences.

HIVMatch has a simple mission: “Combat the isolation that many gay or straight members living with HIV or AIDS struggle with daily.” So far, they’ve done a fantastic job, and thousands of members all over the UK have come together to find love or simply make new friends.

#5 HIVDatingSite


HIVDatingSite is a UK-based HIV and STD dating service. The site’s goal is to make sure that even though you may have HIV, it’s no excuse for being alone. No one deserves to feel isolated, and HIVDatingSite is working extra hard to ensure that people with HIV have more than enough opportunities to find others with the same condition.

HIVDatingSite is the sense of community they have built up over the years. The community is supportive, and they know what you’re going through. As you’re probably aware, many people with HIV are hypersensitive when it comes to privacy. However, there’s nothing to worry about when joining HIVDatingSite because your privacy is their first priority.

The main takeaway from HIVDatingSite is that it’s not only a dating site but an active community of UK people who support each other. You’ll find people from all walks of life at HIVDatingSite, and all of them are at various stages of the journey of learning how to live with HIV.

HIV Dating Guide:

Benefits of Using Online HIV Dating Sites

These days it seems that everyone is meeting their partners online. You may be thinking about entering back into the world of dating, but you’re not so sure about using a dating website. Maybe you just got diagnosed with HIV and are unsure about what dating is like.

Don’t worry, dating online for people with HIV is no different than everyone else. Sure, you may have a medical condition, but don’t let that get in your way of finding happiness. Every day there are people like yourself who find love online, and there’s no reason you can’t be one of those people.

Here are several of the benefits of using an online dating site if you have HIV:

Convenience and Accessibility

Nowadays, everyone has a mobile phone in their pocket, which means you can use dating sites even if you’re on the go. The dating experience goes with you when you have a computer that fits in your hand. You can browse users’ photos and establish connections with those who attract you anytime, anywhere. Also, it’s even easier to use the sites with a computer because everything is easier when you’re using a PC.

Meeting people with the same condition

Learning that you are HIV positive is like a kick in the gut. It probably took you a while to be able to lift your head and try to live a normal life. However, you need to know that you’re not alone. There are countless people all across the UK with HIV, and they have a healthy and lively dating life.

Meeting people with HIV isn’t just about knowing someone who has the condition, but it’s also about them knowing what you’re going through. No one knows the ups and downs of HIV like someone with it. That’s why dating someone HIV-positive is so important, and it’s why dating sites have popped up catering to those with this condition.

Safe and Secure

Most dating sites will ask users to verify their email address or phone number before entering the site, and some dating sites like PositiveSingle have a stricter user profile verification policy. Their staff will review new and updated profiles to verify the person is who they claim to be, and make sure they are not romance scams.

Dating sites are strict laws regarding how credit card transactions are done online. Also, since these companies operate in the UK, you can rest assured that they must abide by the laws of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Increased Dating Pool

You can’t tell someone has HIV just by looking at them. It’s nice to be able to have an increased dating pool to choose from. Now you’re not limited to dating the handful of people that you know have HIV. Now you can choose from hundreds, if not thousands, of people in your area.

You stand a better chance of finding someone special if there are a lot of people to choose from. Online dating sites for people with HIV give you a chance to mingle with a large number of people who you would’ve otherwise missed out on. If you’ve been in the dating game for any length of time, you know it’s a numbers game, and the odds are in your favor when there are more people.

Tips for Staying Safe on HIV Dating Sites

You’ve finally decided to enter back into the world of online dating. It’s a different world now that you’ve discovered you’re HIV positive. You’re probably concerned that the word will get out and everyone will know your status.

You don’t need to fear because many UK dating sites are geared toward those with HIV/AIDS. Here we’ll give you some tips on staying safe while also exploring the local dating seen online. Just because you have HIV doesn’t mean you should miss out on one of life’s most precious things, which all know, is love.

Use a pseudonym or screen name

You never ever want to use your real name. Under no circumstances do you want to use your real name when joining a dating site. It doesn’t matter if you have HIV or not; it’s not a good idea to use your real name. Instead, use a screen name that resembles your type of person.

Why don’t you want to use your real name? Some of you may not want the public to know you have HIV. Also, and probably more importantly, the internet is loaded with stalkers. Just one stalker can wreak all kinds of havoc on your life. So, with that in mind, come up with a pseudonym and use it when creating your dating profile.

Avoid sharing personal information

Don’t tell people where you live, where you work, or any information about your children. There’s no need to give out this information to a complete stranger. Something is fishy if you’ve only been talking with someone for a day or two, and they’re asking you where you live.

Any person asking for information beyond your likes and dislikes is up to something. They’re probably trying to get as much information about you as possible. Why? The person could be a scammer or someone who wants to try to harm you in some way down the line.

Set privacy settings and preferences carefully

Dating sites are like anything else, you’re only as safe as you make yourself. You need to take a few minutes and ensure you fully understand all the privacy settings and preferences. If you have any questions about how these settings work, don’t hesitate to contact the dating site’s support staff.

It’s always best to use as strict privacy settings as possible. Of course, you’ll need to accept cookies and all that stuff to get the most out of the dating site. Always be cautious and review the settings to protect your privacy.

Report any suspicious or abusive behavior

You must report any suspicious behavior directly to the dating site. All you need to do is contact customer support and tell them what’s happening. You’ll be doing everyone a favor if you report someone who is abusing their service.

It should also be noted that you should report abusive behavior as well. Many people don’t think that someone abusing them is worth reporting. It is because if the person is abusing you, chances are it isn’t going to stop with you. The person will move on to someone else, and who knows, they might even end up assaulting someone down the line.

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