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Seeking Arrangement UK Review 2023 | Best Luxury Dating Site

Seeking Arrangement is a dating site that’s not quite like anything else on the internet. Anyone who has been on the online dating scene for any length of time knows that most dating sites are generic in nature. You type in the type of person you’re looking for, and then you go through all the matches. Seeking Arrangement is different, and the difference is something that quite a few of you will find refreshing.

Seeking Arrangement is targeted towards those who are financially stable, meaning it caters to individuals who have the means to provide financial support in a relationship. Unlike other dating platforms where the focus might be on shared hobbies or physical attraction, Seeking Arrangement puts financial stability and the willingness to enter into a mutually beneficial relationship at the forefront.

What is Seeking Arrangement?

You should think of Seeking Arrangement as a luxury dating site. It’s where the rich and powerful go when they want to find a date. Does that mean everyone who joins the site has money coming out of their ears? Well, not exactly.

It’s not unheard of for women who have little means to join Seeking Arrangement. Why would a woman who isn’t wealthy join Seeking Arrangement? The primary reason is that they’re looking for a sugar daddy. Simply put, the women are looking for a man who will help them pay their bills.

You should know that not all the women on Seeking Arrangement are sugar babies searching for daddies. There are some women of means on the site, but almost all of the men who join come from a wealthy background. You can’t be some poor sap and join Seeking Arrangement and pretend to be a baller. You’ve got to be able to put your money where your mouth is when it comes to Seeking Arrangement.

Why use Seeking Arrangement?

If you’re a hard-working guy who has spent all of his time and effort to enjoy the finer things in life, it makes sense that you would want to join a site like Seeking Arrangement. You’ve probably dilly-dallied around at other UK online dating websites only to be left feeling like something was missing. You know that there are higher quality women out there who can appreciate a man such as yourself, but finding them at those other dating sites can seem next to impossible at times.

If you’re a businesswoman, you don’t want to date some slouch who spends all day on the couch. You bust your rump every day and want to date a man who does the same. Most women don’t want to date a man who makes less money than them. That’s not saying you want an alpha male; you just don’t want to pick up the tab for a man the next time you go out to eat.

Those of you ladies who are looking for a man who can help you financially will also find a home at Seeking Arrangement. The guys here are loaded, and they don’t have any trouble paying your bills. Well, that is, if you’re willing to be the girlfriend of their dreams. It’s not as easy as it sounds, and you’ll have plenty of requirements, but for the right woman, dating a wealthy man can certainly have its benefits.

How to join Seeking Arrangement

You can join Seeking Arrangement for completely free. The first thing you’ll have to do is choose between Attractive and Established. Let’s talk about what the differences are between Attractive and Established so that you know which to choose.

Attractive means that you’re seeking out some sort of assistance. Some would call this being a sugar baby, but there’s no need to put a label on it. You choose this if you want to find someone who can help you pay your bills or give you money. Those who are setting up their account as attractive expect something in return, and it’s usually financial assistance.

Established is for those of you who are financially secure and aren’t hurting for money. You make good money every year, and you also have a nice chunk of change in the bank or in investments. You’re probably more likely to help someone in exchange for their undivided attention and anything else you seek in the relationship.

Can both the male and female be Established? Yes, there’s no reason why the two of you can’t be established. How common is it that both partners in the relationship at Seeking Arrangement would be Established? That’s a question that goes unanswered everywhere you look; however, if you search the profiles, you’ll see that there are some Established women on the site. The ratio of Established men versus women is quite high, so while it’s not unheard of, it’s definitely not the norm at Seeking Arrangement.

The rest of the signup process is pretty easy

You put in if you’re male or female. You also choose your height, weight, and location. You’ll also be asked how much you earn and your net worth. There’s a little place to put a title and description of yourself. You can also upload pictures for your profile to show people what you look like.

You will want to make sure that you activate your account. Seeking Arrangement will send you an email, and it will contain a link that you have to click on. You must click that link to make sure that your account is activated. You don’t want to forget because if you do, you’ll become frustrated when you try to use your account, and Seeking Arrangement won’t allow you. It takes two seconds to activate your account, and you only have to do it once.

What Can You do With a Free Account?

SeekingArrangement Search

You can join Seeking Arrangement and set up a profile. You can also upload pictures to show people what you look like. You also get access to the search feature at Seeking Arrangement, and it’s fantastic.

Surprisingly, Seeking Arrangement allows free accounts to filter profiles using such advanced features as they do for free. You can filter profiles for those who looked at your profile, if they have photos, if they’ve ever been looked at, and a whole host of other things.

The best search filter that Seeking Arrangement has is the one that enables you to search only those profiles that have verified their account with an ID. That means the user has uploaded a photo of their driver’s license, state-issued ID, or passport, and someone at Seeking Arrangement has verified that the person is who they claim to be. You can rest assured that those who have been verified using their ID are not phony or bots.

Established accounts can send up to ten free messages, while Attractive accounts can send an unlimited number of messages. Sometimes, it pays to be poor and beautiful. You don’t get the full messaging experience for free, and you face limits that will severely make chatting difficult if you try to go the free route. Attractive accounts might be able to get away with only the free account, but those who are Established will most definitely need to upgrade.

What do You Get with a Paid Account?

Probably the best feature of a paid Seeking Arrangement account is that you can send unlimited messages. Everyone knows that if you’re in a heated conversation with someone, you never want it to end. It doesn’t have to end if you have a premium account.

You can also hide your online status and your location with a paid account. That’s super helpful if you don’t want to be bombarded with messages or if you’re the type who likes to be online a lot. If you’re the kind of dater who spends a lot of time on dating sites, you know how people will pester you if they see you online. No one will ever know you’re online if you have a premium account.

You’ll also be able to fine-tune your searches to bring in the exact person you want. Seeking Arrangement offers even more search features if you upgrade your account. That means you won’t be wading through countless profiles while trying to find someone to hook up with.

Here’s a breakdown of how much each paid account costs and its features.

SeekingArrangement Price

A premium account costs £89.95 GBP for 30 days, or £249.95 GBP for 90 days. The extra features include unlimited messaging, advanced search filters, and the ability to hide your online status and location. You’ll also have the option to boost your profile, making it more visible to potential matches. Inbox filters are another perk, allowing you to organize and prioritize your messages more efficiently, and you can hide your online status, join date, and last login country.

A Diamond account costs £234.95 GBP per month and offers the highest level of features and benefits on the platform. In addition to a Premium account’s perks, Diamond members receive a special badge that helps them stand out in searches and messages. They also get priority placement on the dashboards of Attractive members, increasing visibility and the likelihood of forming a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Why are paid accounts so expensive?

Seeking Arrangement caters to those people who are well off. If you can’t afford £89.95 GBP monthly, you shouldn’t be at Seeking Arrangement. It’s really that simple, and undoubtedly, Seeking Arrangement feels the same way. Most dating sites charge a third or half of what Seeking Arrangement is, and that tells you all you need to know.

Seeking Arrangement is working hard to attract a very unique clientele. Understandably, someone who considers themselves a sugar baby might be unable to afford such a high cost. That’s why Seeking Arrangement offers free accounts to lure people in so those with money have various dating possibilities to choose from.

If you’re successful and think a hundred bucks a month is too much, get back to work and make more money. You’re not as successful as you think, and Seeking Arrangement is way out of your league.

Tips for Those with Attractive Cccounts

Be honest

Listen, if you’re looking for a sugar daddy, no one at Seeking Arrangement will think differently of you. It’s so important to be upfront with what type of relationship you want and what your expectations are.

Don’t lie

A great thing about Seeking Arrangement is that you don’t need to beat around the bush. Are you a college student who needs help paying the bills? Say in your profile that’s what you’re looking for. If you’re a businesswoman seeking out a guy who makes as much money as she does, say that too. Maybe you’re a businesswoman who considers herself a cougar and looking for a cub to take care of; if that’s the case, spell it out because the daters here expect you to.

Post quality photos of yourself

Make sure that people can see what you look like. You want to have several pictures showing you off from many angles. You don’t want to have just one shot of your face, and that’s it. People want to see your body type and get a feel for what you look like. You don’t have to wear a swimsuit or anything too revealing, but people who use sites like Seeking Arrangement want to see what you look like before sending you a message.

Tips for Established Cccounts

Don’t lie about your net worth

Seeking Arrangement has a zero-tolerance policy for liars. If you’re a guy, or even a gal, who is pretending to be someone you’re not, your account will be canceled. If you’re not wealthy, go to another site and sign up. There’s no need to play games with people who are looking to build solid relationships.

Always be on your best behavior

You’ll notice right away that the women at Seeking Arrangement are a breed all of their own. The women here expect a man to be a gentleman. You won’t get any responses if you are rude or make inappropriate comments. Who knows, the women might even contact support and try to get your account banned. Save the locker room style talk after you’ve made a connection if that’s the type of conversation you want to have.

Don’t beat around the bush

Are you a sugar daddy who expects certain things from your sugar baby? If so, get straight to the point and say what you want. No one at Seeking Arrangement is going to think less of you.

You might be the type who isn’t really looking for a sugar baby, but you are looking for a woman who can appreciate how hard a wealthy man works and knows how to treat him right. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for at Seeking Arrangement; just be honest, and everyone will respect you for it.

Verify your account with an ID

No one will take you seriously if you have an Established account if you haven’t verified it. So, take the time to verify your account. The good folks over at Seeking Arrangement will keep your personal info private, and you don’t have to worry about it leaking out. Security is one of their top concerns, and you don’t have anything to worry about when submitting your ID with them.

Pros and Cons of Using Seeking Arrangement

As with anything in life, there are pros and cons to using Seeking Arrangement. Here are a short list of each and a brief description of them.


Targeted user base

Seeking Arrangement has gone out of its way to target the perfect customers with its advertising. They’ve been able to zero in on the right people, and their results speak for themselves.

Profile verification

It’s nice to be able to know that the person behind the profile is who they claim to be. Dating sites that don’t offer profile verification make you feel uneasy because you have no idea who is on the other end.

Advanced search features

You can have a free account and still use some of the best-advanced features of any dating site out there. If you upgrade, you’ll really be able to zero in on the perfect match for you. That’s so important because no one has the time to filter through thousands of matches manually.

Super easy-to-use interface

It doesn’t get much easier than using Seeking Arrangement. It will take about two minutes to figure out how everything works. You might have no computer experience at all, but you’ll still be able to find your match in record time.

Multiple types of accounts

You can be Attractive or Established. You can be a sugar daddy or a cougar. Babies and cubs and businesspeople who are looking to connect with other wealthy people without the fuss associated with most dating sites are also welcome.



Seeking Arrangement is more expensive. There’s no way around it: you’ll shell out more money to use Seeking Arrangement than almost any other dating site.

Probably not the best dating site for traditional relationships

Yes, you can make traditional connections at Seeking Arrangement, but mostly, it’s the sugar daddy and baby relationship that most people here are looking for. If that’s not your thing, you’re probably better off using a typical dating site.

Free accounts are limited

A free account does indeed have its limitations at Seeking Arrangement. However, you should expect that a free account wouldn’t have all the bells and whistles a premium account does. It’s almost unheard of for a dating site to offer a free account that’s just as good as signing up for a premium account.

Seeking Arrangement has a smaller user base than some dating websites

Not everyone is filthy rich. So, it makes sense that Seeking Arrangement would have fewer members. That might be a con if you’re the type who wants to search through tens of thousands of profiles every day. If you’re the type who wants to date a very specific type of person, the small user base is probably more of a pro than a con.


Seeking Arrangement’s focus on financial transparency and profile verification adds a layer of trust and security often missing from other dating sites. You know who you’re talking to on the other, and they’re the real deal. That matters if you want to date someone who is flush with cash or if you want to date someone willing to meet the needs of someone with money.

Seeking Arrangement isn’t for everyone, and not everyone will meet the financial requirements to be able to use this dating site. Also, for some, the Attractive account might seem a bit off. It might seem like you’re trying to lure in a fish using your body as bait. The truth is, Attractive accounts offer more than just beauty or a romp; they offer companionship, which is something that many busy men have an incredibly difficult time finding due to their hectic work schedule.

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