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6 Signs He’s Completely Fallen for You: A Deep Dive into His Heart

So, you’ve just met a guy who may be the man you’ve been dreaming about. However, maybe this guy is far more into you than you are into them. How can you tell if he’s fallen head over heels for you? Luckily, that’s what we’re going to talk about.

You see, people and men, in particular, are highly predictable creatures. We’ve come up with 6 surefire signs that will tell you immediately if he’s completely fallen for you. Make sure you pay attention to any of these signs because just one of them alone can tell you plenty about what he’s thinking.

Sign 1: Consistent Communication

If your guy constantly tries to get your attention, it’s a big telltale sign. Sure, he might just be a lonely guy living in his mom’s basement, but there’s probably more to it than that. Let’s break down each of these things you need to watch for.

Frequent and Meaningful Conversations

Does he use language to get to know you more meaningfully? Is he trying to learn everything about you that he can? Does he spend hours talking about your thoughts, feelings, dreams, and even the minutiae of your everyday life? Do the discussions you have go far beyond small talk?

The reason why this is so important is because he is trying to connect to you emotionally. He’s using words to wrap himself up in everything that makes you who you are. His desire to get to know you better is so strong that he can’t stop himself from wanting to know everything there is to know about you.

Texting and Calling Habits

Okay, so there’s the whole I’m lonely and want to talk to anyone with a spare moment. You know those people and how annoying they can be, but this guy is different. He texts you throughout the day to see how you’re doing and calls you when you get home from work.

He’s thinking about you all day and needs to reach out to you. The feeling is so overwhelming that he’ll take time out of his busy day to ensure you’re always within reach of him.

Willingness to Listen and Support

You know that most men couldn’t give a hoot what women say. You’ve spent your whole life being blown off by men. You get it.

Now you find a guy willing to listen to your stories about the time your cat ran away. He’s willing to grab a tissue and have a good cry with you while offering all the support he can muster up. He’s listening to you and offering support because he cares, unlike 99% of the other men you stumble upon daily.

Sign 2: Prioritizing Your Presence

The way a man spends his precious time says a lot about what he thinks. You know he loves watching football on TV because that’s what he spends his time doing. Let’s break this sign down even further into bite-size bits that anyone can understand.

Making Time for You in Their Schedule

It doesn’t matter how busy he is or if his friends all want him to go bowling with them, he’ll make time for you. The big game might be on Friday, but he’ll still walk through the park with you no matter who is playing.

You’re so important that he’s willing to spend any time he can with you. It doesn’t matter in the least what’s going on in the background in his life, and it’s because every minute spent with you is a minute worth more than gold.

Choosing to Spend Quality Time Together

You might not realize it, but this is a big thing, and it’s something that proves that he’s fallen for you. He chooses to spend his time with you. You’re not dragging him by the ear to take you out to eat. No, it’s his choice.

He calls you up and asks if you want to do anything with him. Sure, he could go to the pub and hang out with all the guys, but you’re what his focus is, and he can’t get you out of his head.

Showing Genuine Interest in Your Life

He wants to see how you spend your free time. A guy who has fallen for you will want to see your hobbies and actions when he’s not around.

You might at first think the guy is creepy and just wants to cling onto you like a wet cloth, but unless there are other warning signs, it’s because he is genuinely interested in your life. What he wants to learn more than anything is what makes you tick so he can know more about you.

Sign 3: Emotional Vulnerability

A man only lets his guard down when he feels comfortable around someone. Think of it this way; men are hunters; a man doesn’t put down his bow and arrow unless the situation permits it. The reason why he’s willing to open himself up is because he thinks that you’re not a danger to him emotionally.

Opening Up About Personal Experiences

Do you find that he opens up about his past experiences? Does he talk about things that happened in his childhood or maybe even with a past girlfriend? If so, the reason why he’s doing that is because he doesn’t feel like you’re going to judge him.

Men don’t like to admit to past failure or things that have caused them emotional pain; if he does, he feels really comfortable around you.

Sharing Fears, Dreams, and Aspirations

No one wants someone to laugh in their face when they’re talking about their dreams. Does he tell you his far-fetched dreams that might sound too good to be true? Do you find him rambling on about what he would do if, somehow, one day, he would become super rich?

Guys typically hate it when someone laughs about their big idea. Yes, the idea of shoes you can wear to bed might be kind of stupid, but to him, it’s a genius idea that will put some serious loot in his pocket. If he’s mentioning things like this, it’s because he’s smitten with you and has let his emotional guard down, and doesn’t feel like you’re going to make fun of him.

Trusting You with Their Deepest Emotions

Does he talk to you about things as deep as the Grand Canyon? Do you find him rambling on about the girl in second grade that broke his heart to the point he cried for weeks about it?

Men are no different than women in the sense that they have deep emotional scars that are painful when revisited. The only difference between the sexes is men rarely open up about them unless they really trust the person.

Sign 4: Thoughtfulness and Care

Now we’re getting into the nitty-gritty of the world of love. He’s so much more than just liking what he sees; now he cares about you. He now sees you as a person, not just someone he interacts with, like the barista at the coffee shop.

Remembering Important Details and Dates

Guys don’t remember anything, and that includes changing their underwear. Does he remember what your favorite pancake toppings are? Maybe he remembers a special date every month that has significant meaning, like you have to turn in a report for your work by a certain day.

No guy ever remembers anything unless it’s significant. Ask a man what he ate for breakfast the day before, and he’ll stumble for five minutes before giving up. All those dates he remembers in his head are because you’re so important that he doesn’t want to lose any of the information.

Going the Extra Mile to Make You Happy

If he’s in love with you, he wants to make you happy. That could mean dropping off a sack of your favorite burgers during your lunch break at work or getting tickets to your favorite band when they roll through town.

He wants you to smile from ear to ear, and he’ll do whatever it takes to achieve it. It doesn’t matter if he has to walk a mile; he’ll do it to ensure your happiness.

Expressing Affection Through Actions

Actions speak louder than words; hopefully, you are listening loud and clear. Does he offer his jacket to you when you’re cold? Has he gone out of his way to go to your favorite coffee shop to pick up a latte before going out on a date?

A man doesn’t have to say a single word when his actions do all the talking for him. He can’t hide his feelings because they’re all being conveyed by what he’s doing for you.

Sign 5: Support and Encouragement

Why would a guy offer support and encouragement? He cares about the outcome of your life. It’s really that simple. He wants nothing more than to see you perform at your very best, and he’ll invest whatever energy is required on his behalf to ensure that it happens.

Being Your Biggest Cheerleader

Like said above, the reason why he’s your biggest cheerleader is because he wants you to succeed. It’s not a secret that he wants you to perform at your very best. Does he talk to you like he’s a coach and wants you to perform at your very best?

Someone doesn’t invest all their time and energy into another person’s success if they’re not fully committed to them. In his mind, your success is his success, and that’s why he cares so much.

Encouraging Your Personal Growth

Under no circumstances will he accept no personal development on your behalf. He wants you to become a better version of yourself. It doesn’t matter what he has to do to help you achieve it because he views your success as his success.

Does he suggest you go back to school, learn a new hobby, or hit the gym? The reason isn’t that he thinks you’re fat, lazy, or stupid, but he wants you to improve your quality of life because he wants that life to be spent with him.

Offering a Shoulder to Lean On

Your guy is ready to offer you any type of support you need. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a late-night phone call where you divulge into the deepest things that bother you or if you need someone to kick you in the rear and motivate you.

He sees it as his job to be your support life in every way possible. It’s not just about emotions or money; it’s about helping you become a better, more rounded person. That’s what it’s about in the end, and if you need a shoulder to lean on, well, he’s more than willing to offer it.

Sign 6: Introducing You to Their Inner Circle

Now you’ve made it to his inner circle. You’re hanging out with all his friends and, more importantly, his family. So, what does this mean? Let’s find out.

Including You in Social Gatherings

Does he take you with him to office parties, church, or other social functions? Does he seem happy to show you off to everyone? If so, it’s because he’s proud of you.

He wants to make sure everyone knows who you are. It’s about telling the world about the new love of his life, which he can’t help but want everyone to know about.

Introducing You to Friends and Family

No man introduces a woman to his friends or family unless he wants to be seen with her. Think back to the guys who seemed to be interested in you but never took you around their families. Yes, they seemed a bit creepy, and it’s because they wanted to keep everything quiet.

A guy’s parents are a big deal to him, and so are his closest buddies. If you find yourself in the same room as his friends while they’re eating chicken wings and drinking beer, it’s because he wants everyone to know that you’re his and no one else’s.

Seeking Validation from Their Loved Ones

Why does he take you to meet all these people? He does so because he wants them to validate his choice. He wants his dad to look at you and give his stamp of approval.

Men are no different than women because they want their friends and family to approve of the people they’re dating. The drive for that is because they want to feel at ease knowing they’ve made a wise decision.


All of these signs are important indicators of how a guy feels about you. If he’s opening himself emotionally, inviting you to tag along with him everywhere he goes or is willing to spill the beans on just about everything, it’s a sure sign that he’s into you.

You mustn’t put up any barriers and ensure you’re willing to expose yourself similarly. If you’re cold and distant, regardless of your intentions, it won’t work out. You need to reciprocate and show him that you feel the same way.

Relationships take time to grow, and they become more complicated over time. Allow yourselves to grow at your own pace. Don’t think just because something is happening too slowly, something is wrong. However, if you find that the guy is moving way too fast, you should pause and investigate what his true motives are.

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