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AdultFriendFinder Review | Best Adult Dating Site in the UK

There’s no dating site out there quite like AdultFriendFinder. Many people call AdultFriendFinder AFF for short. You’ll find that AFF cuts to the chase and allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Yes, in most instances, that means sex.

You should be aware that not everyone that joins AdultFriendFinder does so for the sole reason of finding someone to hook up with sexually. Some people find the honesty about fetishes and certain lifestyles refreshing, and they like being a part of a dating site where they can be open.

So, if you’re looking to date someone who shares a similar kink, or if you’re looking for straight-up sex or anything in between, AdultFriendFinder is the place for you. As you continue with this AdultFriendFinder review, hopefully, you’ll have enough information to determine if this is the right dating site for you.

What is AdultFriendFinder?

AdultFriendFinder is the largest adult dating site that was founded in 1996 by Andrew Conru, an online entrepreneur who saw a gap in online dating.

Back in the 90s, dating sites looked more like cheesy classified ads than the dating sites we know today. It goes to show how forward-thinking Andrew Conru was to create something like AFF back in the stone ages of online dating.

He started the site because he felt that there weren’t sites catering to those seeking other types of relationships. You can translate that any way you want, but to put it bluntly, Andrew saw a need to connect people outside of the vanilla relationships the other sites were offering up.

AdultFriendFinder today boasts over 80 million members from all over the world. It doesn’t matter where you are, you’ll more than likely find a match for you. It’s incredible to think that one person created such a vibrant site that attracts so many people globally.

It’s not just a dating site

AFF aims to create something that is much more than a dating site. You’ll see that they have created a community of people who have more interests than just hooking up and dating. It’s not out of the realm of possibilities that you’ll go online and hand out at AFF like you would a social networking site.

Think of AFF as Facebook for adults. You can let your hair down, say what you want, and be a little perverted if that’s your thing. AFF is not by any means your typical social media site, and you’ll understand that right away once you get to know the people here. AFF is the social media site you wish existed, but up until now, you had no idea about it.

First Impressions

The signup process

Signing up for AFF is super easy. All you have to do is enter your email address and come up with a screen name and a password. Signing up is free, and it doesn’t cost you anything. The account you get for free is highly limited, and you’ll need to upgrade your account if you want to get the full AdultFriendFinder experience.

User interface and design

The people behind AdultFriendFinder understand that not everyone has a degree in computer programming. The interface is pretty simple, and it doesn’t take much to navigate around. You’ll understand everything the site offers once you first look at it.

You are hit with a lot of profiles right off the bat. Which, for many, is a good thing. AFF has an algorithm working in the background that tries to match you with the right person. You could argue how effective it is, but it’s nice to have profiles to look at as soon as you log into the site.

The design is pretty straightforward. You don’t get the feeling that you’re looking at cutting-edge technology, but you also don’t feel like you’re looking at something that’s outdated. The best way to describe the interface and design is functional. It all works the way it should, and there’s nothing to get in your way of using their site.

Ease of use and navigation

As mentioned previously, the layout is super simple. You are hit with profiles on the page’s center, and options are on the left side. The print is a little small if you’re on a PC, but overall it’s not hard to read.

It’s pretty much a point-and-click experience throughout the entire member’s area at AFF. You see something that interests you; all you have to do is click. The ease of use makes everything super within your reach, and you’re only ever a few clicks away from finding people in your area.

Key Features

AdultFriendFinder has some special features that separate it from other dating sites. Let’s take a look at these features and go into detail about why they are useful.

Profile Creation and Customization

You can create a highly detailed profile that tells people exactly what you’re looking for. You can include information such as interests, what you’re looking for in a partner, and the type of relationship you’re seeking. Remember, the people here aren’t shy, and you’re allowed to say if you’re looking for only a sexual relationship.

Completing your profile for maximum exposure in searches and more replies.

  • Basic Profile: Tell other members about yourself and who you want to meet.
  • Physical Information: Tell other members what you look like.
  • Personal Information: Share your sexual orientation, what you do for a living, marital status, and more.
  • Add/Manage Photos ( Upload ): Upload and organize your photos.
  • Personality Type: Find your personality type and who you’re compatible with.
  • Manage Videos ( Upload ): View, update, and sort all your videos.
  • Get Verified: Show people you’re the real deal by uploading a photo of yourself.
  • Get ConfirmID: Verify your information with ConfirmID on AdultFriendFinder
  • My Kinks: Let other members know what sexually arouses you.


AFF has strict search capabilities that enable you to weed out anyone that doesn’t match your criteria. Maybe you’re a couple seeking a bisexual female for threesomes, but you can easily use the search feature to find the perfect match for you and your wife.

In addition to the basic search functionality, AFF also provides other search options, including Who’s Online, New Matches, Members Near Me, VIP Members, Advanced Search and Kink Search. You can make full use of these options to find your partner.

Live Action

Live Action offers 3 features to help you interact with thousands of the hottest users.

1. Members Webcams

AdultFriendFinder is the only dating site where members can get hot and steamy by broadcasting on their webcams. You can show your appreciation to your favorite
AdutFriendFinde broadcasters by sending points in the form of virtual gifts or tips. Broadcasters convert points into physical gifts, memberships, and moves. Top Broadcasters are featured on the leaderboard, so start tipping and help your favorite get to the top today!

2. Model Webcams

AdultFriendFinder models webcams

Model Webcams is a place to let you watch and interact with female, male, and trans webcam models. You can select your preferred models based on age, ethnicity, and body type, and then start a private show.

3. Chat Rooms

Chat Rooms give their users the opportunity to group chat with those who share the same interest. If you’re new, the Lobby is a great place to get started.


The Messages feature is essential for a dating website. On the Messages page, it provides categories such as Active, Important, Ambassador, and more, helping you keep track of your conversations with other members.

What’s Hot

It’s a feature to let you view Hottest Photos, Hootest Videos, and Hottest Members.


AdultFriendFinder community

The passion community is for sharing thoughts, non-commercial links, and photos with other members. You can also join some groups, and share your stories. One thing you must know is that “personal ads” will be denied.


AFF goes out of its way to make sure that your privacy and safety are secure. You might not want your boss to know at work or your neighbors to find out that you’re using a dating site such as AdultFriendFinder. You don’t have anything to worry about because all of your information is tucked away safely and protected by industry professionals who make sure that none of this precious info gets leaked out to the public.

Membership Options

There are two membership options. There’s the Free Membership and Gold Membership. Let’s go over what you should expect from each of them.

Free Membership

The free membership is, well, free. You don’t have to pay any money at all. However, your ability to use AFF is limited, as you would expect, since you’re not paying anything.

You do get to search and browse profiles. You can like photos and videos as well as create a hot list of your favorites. You can also write blog posts and join groups.

Gold Membership

As you can imagine, AFF really rolls out the red carpet when you sign up for a Gold Membership. It makes sense since you’re paying money that they would give you more options and better service.

You can look at full sign photos and watch the entire length of videos if you upgrade your membership. As a free member, you can’t look at a picture in its full size. You can see a tiny box, but if you go paid, you can see everything. That also includes being able to watch an entire video from start to finish.

You’ll be able to view complete profiles, and nothing will be hidden from you. You’ll also be able to send and receive messages. You’ll have access to the live webcams and all of the chatrooms.

Paid members also have their profiles at the top of the search results. That means if someone is looking to hook up in your area, they won’t have to scroll through pages of free profiles to get to yours. This in itself is a great feature for those who want to hook up and don’t want to have to put in the leg work of having to search through profiles all day long. Your profile will be front and center, and people will see it as soon as they hit the search button.

You also get priority customer service. If you have a question or problem, you can reach out to AFF, and they’ll get back to you ASAP because you’re a paying customer. If you have a free account, they aren’t in such a hurry to get back to you.


AFF has three different pricing plans with the exact same features, the more months you buy, the more discounts you can enjoy.

Membership TypeMonthly CostSavings %Total Cost
1 Month Gold£22.87(GBP)£22.87(GBP)
3 Month Gold£15.24(GBP)33%£45.71(GBP)
6 Month Gold£11.42(GBP)50%£137.02(GBP)

Mobile Site Review

AdultFriendFinder has worked to keep its site at the cutting edge of technology. That’s why they have a mobile site that you can use to find your matches. If you’re an avid mobile phone user, you know the drill by now. You can join AFF directly by visiting AdultFriendFinder.com on your mobile devices.

The mobile site has all the features, you can change your profile, send messages, and live chat like you can using a computer. The only difference is you can take AFF with you everywhere you go in your pocket. It’s nice for those of you who are busy and don’t have the time to sit in front of a computer all day.

Pros and Cons

As with anything in life, AFF has plenty of pros and cons. Here we’ll go over some of the top things people like and dislike about the dating service.


A large number of members

It doesn’t matter where you live; there are members in your community that belong to AdultFriendFinder. That’s just a fact that most people can’t seem to wrap their heads around. It doesn’t matter if you live in a major city or a backwood with just one stop light; you’ll find people in your area who are members of AFF.

You should know that the 80 million AFF members span the world and obviously aren’t only located in the UK or Europe. We’re talking about the entire world here, but the numbers are still staggering.


AdultFriendFinder is open to all sexual orientations and fetishes. That means if you’re bisexual, you can find people here. You can find people here if you’re straight or a couple. Gays and lesbians are welcome, as well as people who have fetishes such as BDSM. AFF is welcoming of all people, and they don’t tolerate discrimination based on your sexual desires.

Community focused approach

AFF is community-driven, and they make sure to go out of their way to build a community. You’ll find that the people here feel like they belong to something that’s much bigger than themselves. AdultFriendFinder is so much more than just a dating site, and it won’t take you long to figure that out.

Variety of features

You’ll find more bells and whistles at AFF than at other dating sites. The money you pay, if you have a Gold Membership, goes towards more than lining someone’s pocket. AFF reinvests quite a bit of that money back into the site. Their goal is to build something that will last the test of time, and so far, they’ve done just that.


You’ll need a paid membership to access everything

It’s true that you can use a free membership to do some things, but if you want the full AFF experience, you’ll need to get a paid membership. There aren’t any full fledge dating sites like AFF that offer completely free accounts. So, with that in mind, it really isn’t a con that you have to pay to get access to all of the features. Some people don’t like to pay for anything online, and those people will balk at the idea of paying any price for a service.

There are some fake profiles

Let’s be honest; every dating site has fake profiles. Yes, it’s true. That gorgeous girl who keeps sending you messages begging you to contact her might not be a real person. It’s not only AFF that has a problem with fake profiles; all dating sites do.

The good news is that AFF routinely scours its members to weed out the bad ones. Some get through, which you need to be aware of. Always make sure that you use a little common sense when using any dating site. If the situation sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

You’re going to see nudity.

Okay, here’s the deal, and it’s no surprise when you think about it. AdultFriendFinder has a reputation as a site that connects people who want to have sex. Not everyone that joins is looking for sex partners, but many of them are.

You will see some nudity when you’re searching through profiles. That could be a plus or a minus, depending on how you feel about nudity. If you’re looking for busty women to hook up with during a one-night stand, seeing pairs of breasts all over your screen might not be such a bad thing. However, if you’re on the prudish side, you’ll blush quickly when checking out the profiles at AFF.

No app available

Despite being one of the largest dating sites in the world, AdultFriendFinder does not have an Android or iOS app. You need to note that some hookup apps in the App Store and Google Play put “Adult Friend Finder” in their title and description, but they have no affiliation with Adult Friend Finder.


So, is AdultFriendFinder right for you? Well, there is no one size fits all answer to that question. If you’re looking to hook up with someone for a sexual encounter, it’s most definitely the dating site to join.

Anyone who wants to have group sex or threesomes should consider AFF because you’re not going to have much of an opportunity of finding willing participants at other sites. Also, if you’re gay or lesbian and looking for something other than a typical dating experience, you’ll find yourself at home there.

Swingers can also find partners or couples to connect with. You get the drift by now if you’ve been reading this review. If you have any sort of kink that isn’t covered by traditional dating sites, AFF is where you go.

AFF has all the features that you want in a dating site with the people you want to hook up with. AFF is not now, nor has it ever been, one of those mainstream dating sites promising a white picket fence and all that jazz. It’s a site for those who want to explore themselves sexually and have fun doing so.

Are you someone who wants to have sex with people and be honest about your sexuality? If so, AFF is where you want to go. If you want a traditional relationship with courtship and all that stuff, truthfully, this isn’t the dating site for you.

FAQs about AdultFriendFinder

Is AdultFriendFinder legit?

Yes, AdultFriendFinder is a legit hookup and adult dating site, where you can find swingers, threesomes, BDSM, and much more.

Is AdultFriendFinder a Scam?

No, AdultFriendFinder is one of the oldest online dating sites, and it has helped thousands of users find the relationship they are looking for.

Is AdultFriendFinder Free?

AdultFriendFinder is free to join, as a standard member, there are some free features to use such as Community, Search, Magazines, etc…

To have full access to all features, you need to upgrade to a Gold membership.

Does AdultFriendFinder Work?

Yes, since its launching in 1996, AdultFriendFinder has become the largest adult dating site to help users make connections with other like-minded, and fun people.

How to Delete AdultFriendFinder Account?

Follow the step-by-step instruction on how to delete your AdultFriendFinder account:

1. Click the down-pointing arrow on the top right, next to your username.
2. Click on ‘My Account’.
3. Scroll down and click ‘Close Account’ in the ‘Manage Account’ selection.
4. On ‘Delete Your Account’ page, you can choose ‘Hide my profile’ or ‘Please Delete My Account’.

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